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Lots of info and makes total sence. I have been on synthroid for 19 yrs now and some days I feel the same way I did before they eradicate my thyroid and put me on meds. Thanks for the great info.

To all the people asking what they should eat now, how much, and how many steps they should be getting…. That obsession is driving you to behavior that has long-term negative health consequences, and you need to stop. Listen to your body, and just live naturally and normally. No obsessiveness, food pickiness, calorie counting, or fitbits needed.

If you want the good health your grandparents enjoyed, it starts between your ears. It exists to fuel the body and to taste good, period, and has no more significance than that. See 1. Unless your doctor has advised otherwise, just one daily multivitamin in the morning is really all you should be taking regularly.

If all of this is too difficult after god only knows how many years of treating food as ego validation rather than fuel, obsessing over yourself, and so on… think of the most down to earth, unpretentious man that you know. How fast you heal from minor injuries will double. You will likely notice a small increase in physical strength, as well. Try it, seriously. What do you have to lose, except unhealthy self-obsession, the resentment of those around you, and a reputation for being neurotic?

We have become lost in the analysis of what we take in and what we put out. Catherine… great article.

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I totally, totally agree. I got my hypo thyroid after alot of stress difficult marriage then divorce, working ridiculously long hours and being anxious alot. I have been cooking more nutritious meals and still working on my sleeping pattern. We have more stress than our grandparents because of family breakdowns etc. So when we learn to handle stress better, eat more natural foods and have better relationships, then things naturally improve. I thought of my father in law, who is a rural Indiana farm boy, 72 Years old who is healthy, wise and eats what he enjoys.

I appreciate your candor.

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You nailed this one!!! That was very interesting. My hypothyroidism came on after having three children and lots of diet and exercising afterwards. I felt like I was in better shape after having my kids than before. And then about the time my youngest was three, I started getting tired and unmotivated. I ended up gaining 50 pounds, sleeping all day and feeling very depressed. After I started thyroid medicine, I definitely felt better, but I am still struggling with my weight and energy level.

I am trying to be on the Wheat Belly diet in a house where no one else is. My circumstance similar. No wheat helped initially but then I ate pizza as a guest: darn! Then my levothyroxine began to lose its power for me and then became too much for my system, even in baby dosages.

Ergo: anemia. I just began iron supplementation today. Keep looking ahead… it improves. Sometimes it can be awful, though… visit a doctor to be sure of things, and be careful!

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Many may not be aware of the iron deficiency component…. And study is ongoing. The afore mentioned researcher is Dr. Lisa Tussing-Humphreys Phd. Worth seeking such info out! To cap my statement here, it seems that anemia and inflammation could be the major issues to address at the moment…. God Bless!

I have a similar story. Although mine was after having 4 kids.

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I did a few triathlons and weight training since she was born and last year I had no energy and gained more weight. I hope it will make me lose weight but if not, then at least I have energy to do stuff with my kids. Really interesting article. My grandmother was subjected to shock therapy, for example. And childbirth. Twilight sleep, anyone?

Side note- heavy metal toxicity post WWII would be a better suggestion to explain the potential increase in thyroid issues, in my opinion. Heavy metal toxicity absolutely affects the thyroid function.

2. Your eyes feel dry and look puffy.

I agree that thyroid problems existed back then but also for many of the same reasons as today. My grandmother had a thyroid problem, but she also had severe mental issues. Many people with mental illness have thyroid issues. Another problem is medications. Lithium, which has been used in medicine since the s but came into higher use around for treating mental illness especially bipolar is extremely hard on the liver and can cause clinical hypothyroidism though it can be reversed if use is discontinued. However some research exists that supports higher levels of T4 to combat mental illness.

This article has some good points because, yes, we do eat very differently than our grandparents but then foods are chemically modified and animals are injected with hormones that are relatively new to mainstream diets. Another reason why people need to be aware of what they eat and where food comes from. In general, we have been led astray on what a healthy diet consists of, at least in America. If you travel to European countries, they have healthier diets with less issues, but they still eat the way our grandparents did so draw your own conclusions.

The average person only gains around 10 lbs in direct relation to hypothyroidism; the rest of the weight is caused by poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle due to lack of energy or mental illness or laziness. I have hypothyroidism caused by Lithium and have been able to lose weight through a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight that is not overweight.

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Know what doctors are doing and ask questions. See above comment! I agree with some of those but not the diet part. He ended up getting a triple bypass before the age of Meanwhile my grandparents went on to live quality lives and both lived to be nearly I know way to many people who eat real butter, meat, eggs who are sick fat and living on drugs. This is such a interesting but also very confusing topic, Ioa.

The same goes for Paleo type diets. I wish it was as simple as one diet working for all. I live with suspicious about all extreme diets including these Paleo-meat-eating diets as well as Vegan diets.

Thyroid cancer a hazard from radioactive iodine emitted by Japan’s failing nuclear power plants

I wish it was simpler. They love bread and baking cookies.

I followed a Vegan diet. My folks never had a thyroid issue, Mom is 87, dad is They are still active, neither is overweight. Most people in the USA and developed countries eat iodized salt and too much of it quite often and foods with iodine some seafood, dairy, cranberries and some organic beans and fruit.

It took only ten days of increased iodine intake for me to have my thyroid values in perfect range again. No premade foods contain iodized salt. My mother, who is now 88, has had thyroid problems all her adult life, before and after having kids. My doctor checked my thyroid and said it was fine.

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I think there are a lot of factors that have influence on this. The best thing is to research your symptoms, and talk to your doctor. Run some blood tests, and do what you feel is best for you. I never felt better at 50 years old. Great article! I lost wanted to comment because diet is crucial for both hypothyroid as well as hyperthyroid. I take Armour thyroid that contains both. My thyroid stopped working when I was 11 years old. No one ever told me the cause.

I do remember taking fluoride tablets at school, maybe that contributed to it? I had some thyroid fluctuation before having children but was also eating terribly and in many yo-yo diets. My thyroid function has improved although I am still taking medication.